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Due to the Coronavirus and the beginnings of allergy season to maintain your throat health, I highly recommend gargling or strong swishing- if you have problems titling your head back. I recommend to dilute hydrogen peroxide rinse (1:1 ratio of tablespoon hydrogen peroxide to water or your favorite moth wash). Gargle for 30 seconds, expectorate or spit out the foam, and DO NOT RINSE OUT. If so you do, the medicated effect will be washed. Gargle for several days straight until you notice a reduction  in the the amount of foam.

A different rinse is warm salt water rinses. Same concept as stated above but swish ans STRAIN the liquid thoroughly around the mouth; blow ups to allow the liquid to flow across the front teeth and the sides of the back teeth.

KEY NOTE: the amount of foam indicates the anaerobic germ level. if you have a lot of foam this indicates alot of germs that are reacting to the hydrogen peroxide rinse. 
Product Recommendation: Colgate Peroxyl- this is a commercial hydrogen peroxide mouthwash that is available in most retail stores. You do not have to dilute this product!

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